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At Panacea.Ag our mission is to empower our farmers to become resilient by adopting greenhouses farming with the help of our sensory, robotics and automated control technology.

Founded in July 2017, Panacea has been on a mission to design technology for the modern farmer. Imagine a world where farming doesn’t mean braving the February cold at 6 am to monitor the temperature of each of your 12 greenhouses, but rather, turning on your TV, warm coffee (or tea) in hand, and having an immediate overview of every greenhouse from every angle. In front of you is the temperature, humidity, air pressure, UV exposure, and more of every greenhouse. In fact, not only is the greenhouse atmosphere monitored but the imagine every plant has a stream of data coming from it. Need to turn the fans on, or adjust the lighting? No problem, remote access from your phone makes it a two-minute process, not a two-hour process. Now, maybe you can finally take that trip to the beach.

Our Team

Hank Wilde


Co-founder of Panacea, Hank has a B.S. Computer Science from Georgia Tech and is a career robotics engineer and product manager with 16 years of experience at multiple mobile robotics startups such as Aethon, NREC, Seegrid, and IAM Robotics, building hospital, mining, oil & gas, warehouse, supply chain robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

Alexis Ehlers

Operations Manager

Alexis is a skilled leader who has a passion for finding ways to create standards and processes while still moving things forward. She has a wide ranging background of success for the last 15 years of her leadership career in sales, learning and development, process improvement and operations. When she isn't working Alexis enjoys baking sweet treats and spending time with her daughter.

Stefan Vantchev

President & CTO

Co-founder of Panacea, Stefan has a B.S. Information Technology from Point Park U., with 18 years of experience. Stefan is a third generation farmer/greenhouse owner and a career enterprise software architect. He is intimately familiar with the greenhouse challenges and has designed modular scalable solutions to address those problems.

Clara Osburg

Design Engineer

Clara is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. She is focused on prototyping and design thinking, as well as many different fabrication methods for rapid design. In her free time, she loves ballroom dancing, drawing, and helping the community with her professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau.

Wesley Dyer

Business Data Analyst

Wesley is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Finance, Business Information Systems, and Supply Chain Management and minoring in Economics. He has been with Panacea since November and has been running all of the Social Media accounts, leading the industry and competitor research and analysis, and making reports based off of his findings.

Antonio Fiocca

Robotics Engineer

Antonio is studying electrical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. He is passionate about robotics and is a part of the Pitt Makerspace program and is also a team lead for a fully automated farming robot development team.

Henry Wilde

R&D Specialist

Henry grew up on a farm, spent a career in tech and software, and also owned and operated a hydroponic greenhouse. He is leading our R&D and prototyping efforts, and focused on commercializing the new Nutrient Management product at the moment.

Christine Ferguson MBA

Financial Adviser

Christine is on the Panacea team as a mentor and guide in all things finance and small business. With years of experience starting companies, her input is an invaluable part of Panacea.

John Bunce

Senior Adviser

John Bunce has recently moved into a senior advisory role for Panacea. Having worked with Hank at 3 different companies, John has grown to become one of Hank’s favorite mentors. John is an MIT electrical engineer, with an MBA from Harvard. He was an officer in the Navy Seabees for three years. In the mid-1980’s John started his own company, and has spent over 40 years in technology-based businesses. He is currently active in three other technology-based startups – Maven Machines, Alencon Systems, and BoxCast. He shares the whole team's optimism about Panacea’s future.



Greg Coticchia, MBA, PC, is an award-winning technology executive with over 30 years of experience in high-tech products and services. He currently serves Carnegie Mellon University as its founding Executive Director for its Master’s Program in Product Management (MSPM). He previously served the University of Pittsburgh as both its founding Director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Student Startup Accelerator, The Blast Furnace, and as its first Executive in Residence (EIR) for software and information technology.

Technology Partners

Products & Services

JustGrow Box
with Harvest Insights

The JustGrow Box is a hub for a variety of sensors and controls, allowing remote control of fans lights, and more. One click of a button on your Panacea account can control your greenhouse from a thousand miles away

JustGrow Bot
with Deep Harvest

The JustGrow Robot with deep harvest gets a closer look at your crop, transmitting plant-level data to your cloud account in order to have a better understanding of exactly what it is that makes your green grow. Upcoming features include pest control and plant level fertilization!


The JustGrow NM system will take your hydroponic growing to the next level with the most precise mixtures of nutrients in your water supply. Connected with your account, the data received from the JustGrow Box or JustGrow Bot can guide your Nutrient Decisions.

JustGrow Cart

This four-level system will grow 3 levels of plants, and hold a water basin. This structure optimizes your plant growth and integrates well with the Panacea line of Technology.

Panacea Fresh

Panacea Fresh connects Farmers and their fresh produce directly to retailers looking for locally sourced produce.

Custom Solutions

Panacea is happy to design custom solutions for your specific greenhouse or grow facility. From custom dimensions to designed-from-scratch tools and robotic technologies, we’ll take it on! Reach out to us today so we can design an ag-tech solution for you.


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Panacea.
To contact us please reach us via:

Panacea Ag


100 South Commons St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Tel 412-267-7762


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